The "Regina" is one of my favourite clocks and I'm pleased to have three of them in my collection. It was only offered for sale in the 1918 and 1928 catalogues. It has the classic school clock look with Octagon Top with the  Long Drop so you can see the pendulum swing back and forth. The clock measures 32 1/2 inches in height, by 16 inches in width and is 5 inches deep. It has a 12 inch metal dial.

To power this formidable clock, it has the 15 day double spring movement, hung on an iron bracket with the Graham Dead-beat Escapement. This is the same movement that was used in the "Moncton".

Pequegnat stated in their advertising: "A  mate to our "Moncton". Two clocks were are justly proud of. As an accurate timekeeper this clock is not  excelled". The were obviously very proud of this model!

A rare and extremely hard clock to find.

* For Information on the Graham Dead-Beat Escapement check here.