The arts and crafts style "Ottawa" is very similar to it's brother the "Kingston". The major difference being the "Ottawa" has a round Dial and the "Kingston" has a square dial.

The "Ottawa" was first featured in the 1904 catalogue #1 supplement, and then the 1913, 1918, and the1928 catalogues as well as the Wall Clock Only Catalogues from1920 to 1925. The "Weathered Oak" clock measures 32 inches in height and is 15 inches wide and is 4 1/4 inches deep.

The clock came in two models, one being Time Only and the other Time With Strike on the traditional gong.. Both were eight day Movements. The clocks have an 11 1/2 chapter ring with brass numbers.

The "Ottawa" was in production for years, however is still a difficult clock to find.