Toronto - 1st Edition (T, T/S)

The popular Gallery clock the "Toronto" was in the Pequegnat Catalogues published in 1904, 1913, 1918, and 1928 as well as the 1920 to 1925 Wall Clock Catalogues.

The clock came in two very distinct styles with the major difference being the dial of the "Toronto 1st Edition" is covered by a brass sash unlike the 2nd Edition clock which has a wooden frame hinged to the front of the clock to hold in the glass.

The Pequegnat Catalogues only make mention of a Time Only Model for the "Toronto 1st Edition", however I have a Time / Strike version as well. I have included the Time / Strike version in my list of variant clocks as well.

The Time Only model has an eight day movement. The Golden Oak finished clock measures 16 1/4 inches in diameter, and is 5 inches deep and the 11 inch dial is made of cardboard. (Heavy cardboard dials were used on some of the very early Pequegnat clocks, with larger dials, but were replaced with the metal dial pans early on as the cardboard dials tended to discolour and damage easily.) In later years the paper dials were reintroduced on the models of the  "Ideal" and the "Preston".

The uncatalogued Time / Strike model clock was purchased off Ebay as a complete restoration job. First let me say the all of the key parts seemed to be original to the clock. To get the clock as you see it here the following was done:  The clocks dial was redone by a dial restorer in the USA, the case restored by a cabinet maker in Edmonton and the movement was restored and all the components put together by Ken Wilkie in Saskatoon. An international effort however in the end it was worth the effort. The clock is certainly an interesting and unusual example.

The clock has an eight day time and strike movement in a golden oak case. The clock also measures 16 1/4 inches in diameter, is 5 inches deep and has an 11 inch dial. This time however the dial is painted on the original tin dial pan not heavy the cardboard as seen on the Time Only model.

The "Toronto 1st Edition" is a very hard to find clock.