Variant - Nelson - 2/3 Size Miniature

This clock is virtually a two thirds miniature version of the regular sized "Nelson". The following unbracketed dimensions are those of the miniature clock and those in brackets are the dimensions of the full sized clock. The clocks are 54 (81) inches high, 15 (22 1/2) inches wide and 10 (13) inches deep.

The trim on the miniature is identical to the full size clock and both clocks have bevelled glass in the door.The hands are typical Pequegnat hands

The Pendulum Bob is not Pequegnat. At some point in this clocks life someone opted for a more decorative look. (I believe because of the care taken in duplicating the look and proportions of the original "Nelson" that the factory would have certainly installed the traditional Pequegnat Pendulum Bob.)

The label is original to the clock and the movement is a Berlin marked Hall Clock Movement. There is no doubt in my mind that this clock was produced by the Pequegnat Clock Company.

The clock was purchased in Montreal and comes with the story that it belonged to the famous "Midgets Palace" that operated in Montreal from the early 1900's until its closure in 1991. It was originally the home of the Count and Countess Philippe Nicol billed as the "King and Queen of all Midgets".

But alas, this is purely speculation. The original clock, as seen in the "Midget Palaces" promotional booklet, is now in the possession of the Canadian Clock Museum in Deep River, Ontario. (