Berlyn - Variant

When the city of Berlin, Ontario changed it's name to Kitchener, Ontario in 1916, because of the anti-German sentiment due to World War I, the name of the Pequegnat mantel clock "Berlin" was changed to "Berlyn". Hard to believe but I guess they figured the change in spelling would increase the sales of this little clock. The clock design wasn't altered just the label was changed. On this particular original label there is just enough of the lettering left to confirm it's a "Berlyn"

The "Berlyn" only appeared in the 1918 catalogue. The "Berlin" appeared in earlier catalogues. The measurements are identical in every way to the "Berlin", that is a height of 10 1/2 inches, width of 15 1/2 inches and a depth of  6 1/2 inches. The clock has an 8 day movement with a gong for the hours.

Unlike the "Berlin" the "Berlyn" is rare and very difficult to find.